Sharon_AboutSharon Tieman is Madame Marketing.  A business mentor to small business people, a public speaker on results driven small business marketing, and a published author.  Sharon sold out of her first run of her book  “If I’m So Successful How Come I Never Get To Be On Top”  in 8 weeks, and was also featured  in Dale Beaumont’s book “Secret’s Of Marketing Experts Exposed”, where 16 well known Australian marketing experts were interviewed to share their knowledge.

So how did Sharon get the name “Madame Marketing”?  “I laughed the first time I was called it” Sharon Tieman exclaims.  It is cheeky and all about Marketing…that’s me.  At the time Sharon stood out from the crowd with the marketing she was doing.  She was breaking through the clutter of advertising and getting results.  Better results then the big boys in town.  Suppliers start to take notice and wanted in on the action, offering to pay for her marketing costs to get featured in what she was doing.” It wasn’t long before the nic name was suggested” she laughed.

There’s plenty of people out there that can explain to you about Marketing, but Sharon Tieman aka Madame Marketing has actually lived and breathed it. With her husband, Jim they have bought and sold several businesses in Australia, always doubling, sometimes tripling the revenue (to multi- million dollar companies) before selling them for more than they purchased them for.

“After 20 years in business in Australia, I’ve tried everything in our small businesses.  I’ll tell you what works, and what doesn’t.  I’ll show you the short cuts, the secrets and how to get results with the money you have to spend.  I’ll show you how to set a marketing budget and how to actually get a ROI (return on investment)”

“I’ll tell you how to spot an advertising sales con artist, and beat the big boys in your field.  Let’s remember David won the fight….not Goliath”

Sharon is passionate about giving back to the small business community. Her no nonsense honest approach is refreshing and her cheeky larikin Aussie humour adds to the delivery to ensure you remember the message.