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As this is my new page, (I’ve just recently blown up my last one of 7 years), give me a bit of time to build up some blogs for you.  You are always welcome to email me a question or issue and I’ll write the answer as a blog.


The advantage you have over your competitors in business is time.

You need to buy your customers through advertising, or earn them with time.  

One of the most effective ways to generate business is to get out and talk to people. Get some flyers printed up and go and distribute them to local business or homes that would be ideal target customers for you. Speak to other businesses that are similar to yours, but don’t complete with you.  For example those that have the same target customers you do.  Another idea is to leave some business cards or flyers at businesses that have your target customers BEFORE you do.  For example, when people plan a wedding, they often book the venue first.  If you sell wedding cakes, make contact with the most popular wedding venues.  I’ll be doing another post shortly on “what to offer” so it is a worthwhile promotion. Its important to have some sort of offer or explain why people should use you.

The other idea I have done that is fast and effective is to tell your friends and family. They want you to success in your new venture and will mention it to other people. When I launched one of my websites, I emailed all my friends, family and business associates (I always keep a list of our customers in each business I own) and let them know about the new website. I got an order within 24 hours.

Write a press release to the local paper. They usually like to write stories about new businesses opening up. They may try and get you to advertise on the day of the article as well. This is usually not such a bad idea. You will get really good exposure and you can have a great offer in the ad to get people into your business. See how to write a press release in our product range.

If you have an on-line business, Google ad words and setting up affiliate links with other link minded businesses is your fasted most cost effective thing to do. I’ll be doing an blog post about this soon too.

People LOVE A STORY.  When you are chatting to people, tell them your story.  “I was passionate about dogs, so I started my own dog grooming business” etc. “I move to the area to be closer to my family and where I grew up”.  People are looking to have a connection with you.  Its OK to be a little vulnerable and humble, rather than boastful or arrogant.   People want to help.  Let them.  I know when new businesses come in and chat to us, if we think it’s a good fit, we will always help them out.

The point to stress here is not one thing will work. You have to do many things to get a result.

Massive action, gets massive results.