If I’m So Successful How Come I Never Get To Be On Top?

Madame Marketing book

If you’ve ever looked at other women in business (particularly mothers) and wondered, “How do they do it all?” then this book is for you. Sharon Tieman aka Madame Marketing exposes the shortcuts, myths & tricks to how she turned a run down business in the suburbs into a multi-million international success. Honest, passionate & to the point, it’s a must read for women in business. Published in 2007.

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Secrets Of Marketing Experts Exposed

secrets exposed book.

Secrets of Marketing Experts Exposed!
Compiled BY DALE BEAUMONT (CEO & founder of Business Blueprint) featuring Sharon Tieman aka Madame Marketing.

This book takes you up-close and personal with sixteen of the best marketing minds in the country. Collectively they have added billions of dollars to the bottom lines of businesses. Now, in one place, you can discover all of their secrets and tap into the same knowledge that others pay thousands of dollars to learn. Sharon Tieman shares in her chapter some of the most cost effective marketing strategies she used to triple the revenue of her suburban business and turn it into a multi-million dollar international business. Published in 2007.

Other experts with chapters featured in the book are, Mal Emery(Street Smart Business), Malcolm Auld(Direct Marketing Expert), Margaret Butler(Anaszi Trading), Darren Stephens(Mars Venus Coaching),Scott Wilson (Small Business Marketing),Tony Gattari (Retail Marketing Expert),Brett McFall (Leading Copywriter), Shaun Stenning (Onlne Marketing Expert), Andrew Griffiths (Marketing Author), Stuart Gordon (Giant Promotions), Dr Marc Dussalt (Jay Abraham Asia Pacific),William Scott (PR and Advertising), Jane Toohey & Michelle Gamble (Marketing Angels).

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